Unique Process


Unique Process

The Life Voyage NavigatorTM Process

Our unique process, THE LIFE VOYAGE NAVIGATOR™ PROCESS, is utilized in plotting a detailed course with the goal that your life voyage is as smooth as possible. Throughout our lifetime, whether an individual, family or business, we are faced with navigating a lifetime of financial challenges. Where you are now, where you want to go, the time you need to get there, and the changing conditions you’ll face all combine to determine the specifications of the vessel – the carefully crafted plan – that will carry you.

At Carolina Planning Consultants, LLP we spend the time necessary to plot your current financial position and understand your goals before creating the unique financial plan to reach them. Then, we make the trip with you as your trusted guide from beginning to end.

The Ship Builder’s ProcessTM

With the detailed charts unrolled in front of us, we are ready to begin crafting the customized vessel that will carry you and your family. Your ongoing inspection and input will lead to adjustments of your financial plan as we tailor your craft even more closely to your unique needs in order to reach your destination successfully.

The LaunchTM

Construction of your custom-built ship, your financial plan, is complete, down to the finest detail. With your financial course carefully planned you begin your course to your ultimate destination waiting across an unpredictable expanse with the advisors at Carolina Planning Consultants serving as your guide every step of the way.

The Mariner’s ReportTM

Your financial plan has been initiated! As you move into open water, storms will come and go as will calm waters and smooth sailing. But you are at ease, confident that the design and craftsmanship of your financial plan will stand up to any challenge. There will be checks and evaluations of the initial plan’s performance and adjustments made to keep you on course continuing to accelerate toward your destination.

The Compass AdvantageTM

Even when visibility is reduced to zero, your compass continues to guide you in the right direction. Likewise, regular communication concerning economic conditions and evolving strategies help to keep you on course to meet your goals.

The Ports of Call InspectionTM

Stops along the way to your destination allow for a check-up of the ship and any adjustments to maximize its performance. Throughout your voyage, Ports of Call inspections will allow you and your Carolina Planning Consultants guide to pause and “inspect” every element of your plan. Is everything still on course? Or have circumstances made an adjustment advisable?

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